Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Understanding Percentages

This week, we are going to learn all about percentages, before school closed we had just learned about fractions and decimals, this will help lots with understanding percentages. For a short video introduction on percentages, click here

Now that you have watched the video above, click here to have a go at an activity. You can record your answers in an exercise book or on some paper. 

Activity 2: Create a Solar System Song or Rap

Watch the solar system songs below, try to learn one and sing along, they will help you to remember the order of the planets as well as learning some interesting facts about them! 

Once you have watched the videos, make up your own song or rap about the solar system which will help you remember the order of the planets and maybe even include some cool facts you've learned so far. I would love to see and hear your songs once they've finished, why not get your adult to video you performing your creation and send it to me!