Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Tuesday 28th

5 Things of the week day 2

Let's go through our language, sound, colour, number and shape of the week in under 3 minutes!

Activity 1 - Measuring sticks, flowers, leaves.



When you go on our daily walk can you find a stick, leaf or flower and measure it with small objects such as milk bottle lids, pennies, Lego blocks or anything else you have in your house!


I measured a stick that I found using pennies. It was 6 pennies long! That's the same number as our number of the week! I then went and found a bigger stick and this time it was 8 pennies long! I have taken a photo. I wonder what you will find and how long it will be!


Activity 2 - Make a house

Expressive Arts and Design


While you are out and about collecting sticks and flowers for measuring you could also use these to make a house for Jack and his mum or a picture of your house!


I made a house with my little boys and we used dandelions for the windows. We would love to see a photo of your creations!