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Tuesday 23rd June

You can do the following tasks in any order. If you can't do a task, click here to find one of my helpful videos. The tasks will be on this website for a few days and then they will disappear.

Subject Task                       Extra Information
Morning Maths  

Step 1

Open the document called "The Iron Man" at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

Read Chapter 2 of the story

Step 3

Now play the YouTube video called "The Iron Man - Chapter 2" and listen to me reading the chapter again.

Step 4

Open the document called "Chapter 2 Questions" at the bottom of the page.

Step 5

Answer the questions in as much detail as you can.


Lesson 7 of 10

Click the image below when you are ready to start the lesson.

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"Ask Mr Smailes"


Class Dojo


The Water Cycle (1)

Step 1

Today we are going to learn about The water Cycle, but first I want you to remind yourself of the two terms CONDENSATION and EVAPORATION.

Click here to watch a video which will recap on these scientific processes.

Step 2 - Click on  the two video icons below to learn about the water cycle


Step 3

Open the document called "Water Cycle -Explanation" at the bottom of the page.

Read it thoroughly and see if you can relate it to to videos you have watched.

Step 4 

Now you should be really familiar with the water cycle.

Open the document called "Water Cycle - Activity"

Try to complete the passage by filling in the missing words. Good Luck.

The following tasks are for challenge only, so please don't worry if you don't have time to do them.
Challenge Task                           Extra Information

An Important Person - Part 3

This is the third part of a challenge which you began last week.

For this part, I want you to find out what difficulties your person has had to endure (which means deal with) during their life. This could be a difficult subject for them to talk about, so be sensitive.

If you can solve the problem, email me with the answer. My email address is on the 4RS homepage.


Or you could click here to go to the Ask Mr Smailes page and fill in the contact form.


Or you could ask your parents to use Class Dojo to send it through to me.

The Iron Man

Water Cycle - Explanation

Water Cycle - Activity