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This week's phonics is a bit different!

Uploaded is a presentation which you will have to watch and follow the instructions.

Some of the slides have a megaphone icon and when you click on it it will tell you what to do.


You may noticed that our story of Mary Anning is written in a different way. It looks like a comic book. Comic books or comic strips have  lots of pictures and only a little bit of text. Some words are written in speech bubbles or speech balloons. That tells us that these words were said by a character from the story.

This week we will try to make our own comic strip, but we will do it gradually. 

Today we would like you to draw pictures in the boxes to 'tell' the story of Mary Anning. Write the spoken words in the narrow box below your picture NOT! in the speech balloon! 

You can use your boxed up story from yesterday to help you! 

Let's start!


Comparing groups of objects up to 50.

Tuesday maths with a challenge


There's no topic lesson today. Instead, we would like you to complete the activity focused on grammar.

Just like Marry Anning you will be a hunter... not a fossil hunter but a NOUN HUNTER. Use the worksheet and try to find as many nouns as possible.

You can even take it with you while you go for a walk!

Noun Hunt worksheet