Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Today's sounds are 'ow' and 'ou'.


Today you are going to be reading facts about Mary Anning and sorting them into true and false.

1. Make sure you have a really good try at reading them by yourself.

2. Then cut them out carefully.

3. PUT them in true and false groups.

4. When you have checked them again, and are sure they are in the correct place, you can stick. 



Today we are going to be counting backwards and forwards within 50.

There is a plenary activity to help with counting, and writing numbers to 50.



We have a very exciting lesson for you today. It's your turn to have a go at making a salt dough fossil. If you have toy dinosaurs to make your fossils with, then great! If not, don't worry, you can use any small objects that you have at home that will give an interesting result. Have fun! We can't wait to see your fossils!