Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Today you're not going to watch a video of a magic tree. Instead we would like you to add sentences to your new story map using senses. 

Try to write the whole sentences, but if it's too difficult for you just write adjectives only.

Below you can find my recycled story with captions.

I can add captions to my story map.


Today in maths we would like you to add ones to number bonds.


This week's traditional tale is Little Red Riding Hood. Watch the video of Little Red Riding Hood and try to join in with repeated phrases. When you finish we would like you to think of the lesson that Little Red Riding Hood has learnt. Tell your grown up why you cannot talk to strangers. What would you do if a stranger talked to you?

Little Red Riding Hood

When Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandmas cottage, there's someone BIG, HAIRY and very, very SCARY waiting in Granny's bed...