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Activity 1: Learning to hear initial sounds

Literacy, Communication and Language


Click on the link below. Press ‘start’ and choose any one of the pictures to begin.

Next, find all of the pictures that start with the same sound. For example, if you click on ‘ring’, you would need to drag all of the pictures that begin with ‘r’ into the smoothie.

If this link does not work you please go to login for FREE:

username: march 20 password: home

Click 'Resources'

Click 'Phase 1'

Click 'Super Smoothie'.

Activity 2: Recognising your name



To support your child with getting ready to start school in September it would be fantastic if they could write their name! The first step is for your child to be familiar with what their name looks like. That's one of the reasons why we always encouraged your child to find their name card in nursery.


The activity today is for the adult to write your child's name and stick it up in several places around the house. Whenever your child walks past it encourage them to touch it and say their name. It would be great if you could keep these up all week and each day you could alter your voice you use to keep your child engaged. For example you could use a deep or high pitched voice, you could sing, shout or whisper it!


If your child can already recognise and write their name you could do this activity with individual letter sounds from their name. For example, my Finley can recognise his name but he does not know what sound the letter 'e' makes. I have chosen this letter to practice with him this week. You know best which sounds in your child's name they can identify.


 Please start with one letter to build up your child's confidence and understanding.


If you feel your child can confidently do these activities please message me on Dojo for next steps.