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Activity 1: Adding Fractions Greater Than 1

Click here and watch the two videos which will help with adding fractions greater than one. Once you have watched the videos, complete the activities below on paper or in an exercise book. 

Activity 2: The Tsunami That Engulfed an Island

Today's second activity is a reading comprehension which can be found below, it is all about a tsunami. A tsunami is a large ocean wave usually caused by an underwater earthquake or a volcanic explosion.

Activity 3: Tsunami Facts

Watch the videos below and learn what tsunamis are, how they're created and some interesting facts about them. 

Once you have watched the videos above, you should use the information in the videos and any of your own research to create a record of all the tsunami information you have learned. You can decide how to do this, you could create a poster, fact file, spider diagram or mind map - it's your choice!