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Activity 1 – Rhyming activities



Watch a story video again and encourage children to fill in the missing word or phrase, e.g. ‘No, Nonna, Please! Just macaroni and…(cheese)’

Extension: Can children join in with the story by saying the whole phrase, e.g. ‘No, Nonna, Please! Just macaroni and cheese’

Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni by Marilyn Sadler

Activity 2 – Enjoy rhyming with ‘It’s dinner time’ game



What’s for dinner today? A croccoli, a scramburger or a fanana? Play the game with your whole family, it provides lots of giggles for kids and parents!

What you need: plates and some food (real or plastic)

Point to the object eg. a carrot and say ‘Its dinner time. I’m hungry. Can you please pass me a darrot?

Allow you child to correct you. Make up some silly words and have fun!

Below you can also find some paper resources for the activity to print out.

Dinner Time rhyming game

5 Things of the week - 19.05

Come and join Mrs Wilkes, Isaac (age 5), Finley (age 3) for our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, number, shape and colour!