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Activity 1:


Now that you are a whizz at telling the time, I thought you'd like to try some problem solving questions.


 enlightened My tips:

1) Watch the link about how to tell the time to one-minute increments again first.

2) Play around with the Virtual Clock again, and make sure you've understood this.

3) Read the questions in the problem solving activity CAREFULLY.

Activity 2:


Today you are working in a factory! The word family factory!

Take the root word and make more words in the word family using the prefixes and suffixes. Remember not all of them will make a word and some words may have a prefix AND suffix.

If you fly through that, you can try and put the words into your own sentences!

Activity 3:


In the myth Theseus and the Minotaur the fierce and vicious beast was held in the middle of a labyrinth. First, see if you can find your way out of the mazes below. 



Picture 1

Your challenge this afternoon is to design a maze of your own laugh

1) First read through the PowerPoint presentation, as it may give you some tips.

2) Use the squared or dotted paper to help you with our design if you like. Or create your own from scratch on plain paper.

3) Send me pictures of your AWESOME mazes mail

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