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Today you are going to start planning your story. You can use your work from yesterday to help you, or you can think up a new idea today. 

You are going to 'box up' your story into the 'beginning', 'middle' and 'end'. We did this in Lockdown with the Bojabi Tree story, do you remember?

In each section write briefly what characters will be there, what happens, and any exciting words or adjectives you want to use. You could even draw pictures if you want.

You can use a box to do this, like we did before, or you can use a story hill. The beginning will happen at the bottom of the hill, the middle at the top, and the end down the other side of the hill.

Remember that in the beginning you will have to introduce the characters, and describe the setting.

When you have finished, you can tell your story to your grown up, this will help you to be ready for tomorrow, when you will write the beginning properly.

We can't wait to see what you have done!



Boxing up and story hill


Today we are going to recognise notes. Watch the video and complete the activity.

Recognising notes worksheet

Tuesday Maths Challenge


This term our theme is the Enchanted Wood and for today's topic lesson we would like you to focus on nocturnal animals. Watch a short video about nocturnal animals and have a go at our exciting project. Use books, internet, talk to your parents or visit your garden at night to write about animals you see and hear. We cannot wait to see all your work on dojo!

There is also a nice guess the animal video attached to the lesson. We wonder how many nocturnal animal you can guess just by listening to the sounds they make.


Nocturnal Animals Project

Guess the Nocturnal Animal

Guess the Animal Sound Game