Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1:


Today, you not only have to use your time number line to work out time durations but you also have to compare the durations that you find. (Remember comparing is deciding which is greater than, smaller than or equal to!)


enlightenedYou may want to watch the explanation of how to complete a time number line first, as a recap. enlightened

1) First try the expected questions on the Fluency task. If these prove too tricky, try the developing instead. Or, if they prove too easy, try the greater depth.

2) Now that you've got this skill, try some of the problems from the problem solving task

(Remember the answers included at the end are to allow your adults to assess how well you have done. No peaking please!) yes

Activity 2:


Your task today is to gather information through reading comprehension. Read the text on rainforest creatures and answer the questions. Please answer in FULL sentences with part of the question in, as these facts could be used for your final piece!

Activity 3:


Time to learn all about the Biomes! You can choose to read the Biome factsheets that I have created, or you could do a little of your own online research.


1.) Choose two different Biomes to focus on

2.) Think of three Branch headings for a tree diagram e.g. Plant life, weather, predators, prey, seasons, location, interesting facts.

3.) Create two tree organisers (one for each Biome) 

Example Tree Organiser