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Our current topic is based around world war one.  The children have some prior knowledge of this, but will benefit from watching documentaries and videos to learn more.  There are some great online videos out there, but they will need to be checked for age appropriate content before allowing the children to watch them.  


Week 1...and beyond!


For this first week, the children could pick one of these areas to research and do an activity on.  The activity could be pretty much anything to show what they have learned, the more creative the better!  It might include:

  • Making an online presentation to show what they have learned (no copy/paste of information please!)
  • Designing an information poster/scrapbook page to identify timelines or different themes.
  • Making a video presentation (I would love some of these to put on the website - it would be amazing to see the children learning!)
  • Make a comic strip of events.
  • Create a model of some kind.


None of these activities are essential - but they might be a nice project for the children.  If you can come up with another idea that suits your circumstances and interests...please please please do it!  I would love to see some creativity and enjoyment.


There are plenty of different areas to learn about, perhaps focusing on one per week will give you enough to keep going for a significant period of time.


Potential areas to learn about


  • How and why the war began
  • The trenches/trench warfare in general
  • The Battle of the Somme
  • The soldiers' equipment and if this changed over the course of the war
  • The Gallipoli campaign


Week 2


Keep going with the original ideas.  If you want to send in a picture of some work I would love to put it up on the webpage!  Thanks!

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