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Thursday23rd April

  Today's Tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order. Follow up activities can be found in the Resources section below. If you complete these, just copy them out into your Home Learning Book or on paper.Sometimes answers are given.Here, please try the tasks first and then check the answers afterwards. REMEMBER we learn from our mistakes - having a go is most important.

If you click on any yellow box, it will take you directly to the video.

  Watch BBC Daily on iPlayer - Today's focus is Maths (Decimals) and singing.

Main Activity - Click on the yellow box for a quick lesson on Triangles.   

Use the information in the video and the information sheet in the resources section to draw the following: 

1 equilateral triangle

2 different isosceles triangles 

2 scalene triangles 

1 right-angled triangle.                                                                                                 Send me your work so that I can check it for you.smiley               


SPAG - Watch the lesson Adding Description Using Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases,then just complete activity 1..

Reading -  

Read the text Enormous Erruptions which is in the resources section,and then answer the questions. The answers are on a separate sheet so you can check how you've done 




Watch the video What is an Ecosystem? This video focuses mainly on the classifiaction of vertebrates.

Once you have learnt about fish,birds,mammal,reptiles and amphibians make a poster about the common features of each group.

   Here is an example,but you may choose any format you wish.                                                                                  



 Daily Challenge                                                     Extra Information

 If you can solve the problem, email me with the answer. My email address is on the 4SE homepage.


Or you could click here to go to the Ask Mrs Eadon page and fill in the contact form.



Further Learning from The BBC 

The two links below have some great daily lessons for you to complete. Take a look and complete as many as you like, if you have  time.

Only do today's activities please -some of them will be set throughout the week.

Explore the new Bitesize Daily and Bitesize websites using the two links below.



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