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Thursday - Research - What are the zones of the ocean?

Today we are going to find out about

the different zones of the sea. 


Watch the video and use the poster to learn about what it is like at different

depths of the ocean and the animals that live there. 


Next, try to make your own diagram of the different levels and

the animals and plants that you find in each. 


Want to go deeper? Watch some Blue Planet or find out about the Mariana Trench



Let's Learn the Ocean Zones!

Learn about the three ocean zones with our ocean experts, Dr. Irene Stanella and her lab assistants Wyatt and Ned! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help supp...

Now make your own map of the ocean zones

Want to dive deeper?

WARNING! The animals that we find in the Abyss and the Mariana Trench are pretty scary. This may not be suitable for all children. Parents, please watch first before deciding if it is suitable for your child. 

What Would a Trip to the Mariana Trench Be Like?

WARNING Mrs G found this a bit scary. Parents, please watch first to check this is suitable for your child before showing it to them.