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Thursday and Friday activity days

Below are the links and resources for some fun activities you can do at home.

If you have ideas to add, send them to me on Dojo



Click on the image to listen to the story.


Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to finish the story in class. The link takes you to the story being read on YouTube. It is in parts, when one part is finished, it should lead to the next.







This website allows you to listen to more stories by David Walliams


Please Note.

Lemonade works just as well as Soda water

Press the image to watch the video


This is a link to a fun science experiment with raisons!

All the science videos were  recorded during lock down one!







Press the image to watch the video.




This is a quick experiment to teach you the importance of washing your hands. This one should be easy to do at home.







Press the image to watch the video.


Here is another science experiment called, Inflating Balloons

Remember to ask permission from an adult before doing

the experiments



This is an art activity from Mrs Guy. All the details are on the sheets in the resources section.

The 3rd page is the ACTIVITY page.






This is a mindfulness activity for you.

You will find details in the Resources Section.

More ART

There is a whole host of fun art activities on this website.

Animal Numbers

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Even more ART

How to Turn Numbers into Animals.

Time Games

Click on the image to uncover lots of time games for you to play.


Mixed Games

Click on the image for a whole host of games from the BBC.