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Lesson 10 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons are suitable for children who can blend and read words such as 'stamp', 'chair' and 'green'.


Today we would like you to think about which part of the Bumblebear story is your favourite. Can you explain why you like it? Is it because it was funny? Or is it exciting? Did you find out some information? Did you like the exciting vocabulary the author used, or perhaps pictures the illustrator drew? Tell your grown up, then write down which part was your favourite and explain why. 

We will be waiting to see if you all liked the same part, or if any of you have the same favourite part as us!


It's time to read the time to the half hour smiley

Watch a video and complete the activity.

Thursday maths challenge


In handwriting today we are looking at putting all the things we have been working on together. This will help you to make ALL of your handwriting better, not just the area we are working on that week. Try your very best and amaze us with your beautiful, neat, and well-formed writing!


Click on the link below to watch the video lesson and join in.