Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Today, I would like you to learn about Pakal the great. You can find out more information about him here:


When you have read the information, I would like you to write a comic strip story about Pakal the great. 


You can use this template or make one of your own.



Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Thursday 30th - Problem Solving. There is a video on the website to support your learning. 


There is a worksheet to complete below. You can either print this out or write the answers in the workbook you took home, on some paper or type them out. It's up to you! 


The answer sheet is included to check your work against. Please don't look at the answers until you have attempted the worksheet yourself! 



The ancient Maya created stone carvings called stelae. Here are some examples:




They are very large stone slabs that are beautifully detailed with carvings that tell a story about a major event. The Maya used glyphs (their writing system) to decorate them too. 


Today, I would like you to sketch using pencil one of the images. Remember to shade carefully to show light and dark. 


Mrs Guy has put together an information sheet to support this activity.