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Thursday 30th

5 things of the week - day 4

Let's go through our language, sound, colour, number and shape of the week in under 3 minutes!

Activity 1 - Counting coins



Pretend you have found some of Jack's money in your house! How many coins are in the bag? Start with numbers up to 5, if your child can do this then move up to 10.

You can also count these pennies.

Activity 2 - Clapping out the sounds in a word

Communication and Language - phonics

We are going to clap out three of the words from Jack and the Beanstalk. Can you join in with me? Watch the video below.


To the grown-ups,

The aim of this is to support your child's speaking and listening skills which will help them to read and write later on.

Jack and the Beanstalk clapping out the sounds in a word

Clapping out the sounds in a word is part of our phase 1 phonics to help with speaking and listening skills.