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Thursday 30th April

  Today's Tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order. Follow up activities can be found in the Resources section below. If you complete these, just copy them out into your Home Learning Book or on paper.Sometimes answers are given.Here, please try the tasks first and then check the answers afterwards. REMEMBER we learn from our mistakes - having a go is most important.

If you click on any yellow box, it will take you directly to a lesson link.


Watch BBC Daily on iPlayer- Today the focus is subtraction and the Hindu festival Holi



623 more than 1098                             9604 minus 395                       
The product of 276 and 6 576 shared by 6

Try answering these 4 questions, based on all 4 number operations.

Ask an adult to check your answers for you, or check them on a calculator.


Today's lesson is the first of two called Describe Position after Translation


Click here to start the lesson    


Use these two  keys to move backwards and forwards through the lesson.             


Spag starter - Watch the lesson Using Inverted Commas to Show Speech

Then complete activity 1

Main Activity

Open the document called "The Truth about Trolls."

Also open the resource document called "The Drop In Game."

Follow the instructions and answer the questions.



In our Character Curriculum, we have learnt about :








But, now we are really learning about OURSELVES – what we are good at, what we are not so good at, what makes us feel proud, what scares us…

So I want you to design a rainbow, where each “colour” represents one of the words above and WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNT ABOUT YOURSELF during lockdown.

For example - I am currently doing the Couch to 5K programme

Motivation - I can run for longer each day even though I find it difficult.



Character Curriculum Activity

The Daily challenge is an additional activity for you to complete if you have time and wish to do so.

 Daily Challenge                                                  Extra information                                                           


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