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Today's sound is 'ea'




Today we want you to describe one of the main character from the story. Not only we would like to see lots of describing words but also some sentences with joining word 'and' eg.


Sophie is a little girl and she has a purple dress. 


A huge tiger has a long and stripy tail.



Thursday English worksheet


I cannot wait to see this work being sent on dojo. We would like you to show off a little bit today laugh

Use all the strategies and methods that you've been learning about this term to find the answers to these operations. Remember we have used lots of them: counting on our fingers, number lines, part-part whole models, drawing, crossing out, ten frames!

Let's start now!

Thursday worksheet


You are going to practice writing a letter 'e'. Lower case letter 'e' and a capital letter 'E' look completely different. Can you write them properly?


Watch a presentation with your grown-up and help Smartie the Penguin make good choices with online games on his tablet.

After that have a go at colouring Smartie and write some advice for him in the speech bubbles. You could stick these up on the wall near your device.