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Thursday 25th Feb

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Morning Maths

When you have completed the questions, try to upload them onto your Dojo account so I can see how well you have done.

Good luck!


Non chronological Reports - Lesson 4

Click on the image below to access the Oak National Academy lesson:

"To Learn about the Portia Spider"

Use your exercise books from your Home Study Packs to record any work you do.


Let us know how you get on.


Part 1

Click above to go straight to the homepage.

1. Play for approx 10 minutes on STORY -

2. Challenge yourself.

Click on the CHALLENGE icon and have a go for  approx. 10 minutes.

Main Activity

1. Spend 10 minutes playing on garage to move further along your training programme.


2. Spend 10 minutes on Studio to increase your studio speed.


3. Complete 3 SOUND CHECKS to test your overall  times table knowledge


4. Challenge someone on Rock slam.

Click here to re-watch a video explaining exactly how NUMBOTS works.


If for any reason you run in to difficulties with NUMBOTS, just complete the TTRS tasks. 


I am able to monitor your SOUND CHECK results from home, so I can see how you are doing.

Good luck.


Read your reading book for 15 minutes.

Think about what you are reading.

If you come across a difficult word, try to work out what it means by:

  • thinking about the whole sentence
  • is it a noun, verb, adjective or adverb?
  • do the pictures on the page help?
  • think about what the characters in the book might be saying to each other

Ask someone to listen to you read if they have time. Ask them to ask you questions about the book. This will help you to understand it better.


Use Dojo to tell us what you're reading. What do you like about it? 


Keeping Safe



This is the 3rd Keeping Safe lesson from the Oak Academy.

Click on the image below to access the lesson.

In this lesson you  will be looking at some common road signs and will learn how to keep safe whilst out on a bike. You will become familiar with the car seat law and create a fact sheet on what they have learnt.

Remember to post your completed fact sheet on