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Grab your white boards and pens (or paper) and let's get learning a new sound! Eyes and ears ready...?

Lesson 12 - Reception

Another new sound today, are you ready?


Today is an exciting day because you will be writing the middle part of the story! Again you will need your 'boxing up' paper from Monday's lesson. When you have finished writing, make sure you check it for capital letters and full stops, and reread it to make sure it makes sense. This is called 'editing' and it's what good writers do!


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Ordering numbers is the theme of the lesson today. We hope you are enjoying working with bigger numbers!

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Today you will be learning how to write the capital letter B. But remember, lots of you still need to practise the little 'b' too, so really concentrate on both.

When you have completed the sheet, perhaps you could write words that start with a capital B, or have 'b' in them.

For example, Bob,  Bristol, Barbara, ball, cabbage, bubble etc.