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5 things of the week on tour!

We managed to find lots of our 5 things of the week on our trip out!

Activity 1: Name writing

Communication and Language, Literacy


Practice name writing. If you have a family or friends birthday coming up you could ask your child to write their name in a card or if they have drawn a lovely picture they can label it at the back.


You know which stage your child is at:

1. Trace over letters.

2. Write Some letters and trace over the rest.

3. Copy their name from an example.

4. Write their name independently.


It would be great to see this on their Dojo portfolio.



If your child can confidently write their name you could play the segmenting activity below. This is the first step in writing, it means you can hear the sounds in a word.


On Tuesday I spoke like a robot! If you didn't get a chance to see me I have uploaded the video below! Can you ask your child to look at the pictures and say what they are like a robot? That means say all of the sounds they can hear. You might need to model it for them first.

I can see a ...

1. c-u-p

2. p-e-n









Blending activity 04.07

Can you help me to blend the sounds together to hear the words?

Activity 2: Boomerang Maths



You say it and they bring it back!


Say an amount (start with numbers below 5) and an object (e.g. spoons). Invite your child to bring back the amount of that item. For example, "can you get me 3 spoons?"


If your child needs support with understanding how many objects they need to get you could draw dots on a piece of paper and count them together first.


Add some extra fun by using a count down timer on your phone!