Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Face masks

Understanding the World


Now that we have to wear face masks to go on a bus your child will be seeing more people wearing these. To a young child this can be quite unsettling for them because they can't see a friendly smile that would usually put them at ease. This activity will help them to understand why face masks are being used.


You could start by talking about why some people wear masks.


Look at different superheroes (see below pictures). Explain they wear masks to protect themselves so no-one knows who they really are. Now we have to protect ourselves too but in a different way, we need to stop germs spreading around. Look at the images below or if you have a face mask at home you could use this instead.


This is for the ADULT to make and your child to play with if you don't have one at home.

Make a sock out of a face mask.

Children really enjoy role-play and you could make/wear a mask and pretend to be a doctor or a nurse to help your child be more comfortable around masks.

Activity 2 Finger Breathing

Personal, Social, Emotional


Giving your child some simple ways to manage their breath can help them to feel calm when they are frustrated, sad or angry. Finger breathing is a useful tool. Practice it in a calm moment and explain that it can help them when they have big feelings. Show your child how to open the fingers on one hand out like a star. Then take the pointing finger of their other hand and begin to trace up one side of their stretched-out thumb and down the other. Show your child how to breathe in gently as they slide up and breathe out gently as they slide down each stretched out finger. Keep going until they have traced up and down all the fingers on their star hand. Can they breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth? How do they feel when they get to the end of their fingers?

Once they feel comfortable with their finger breathing you can help them to use it when those ‘big’ feelings arise.