Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Identifying and describing triangles

Click here for today's maths lesson all about triangles. 


Activity 2: Girl and Robot

Watch 'Girl and Robot' below, while watching the video, have a think about how the girl might be feeling throughout. Do her feelings change as the video progresses?


Now that you have watched the video and considered the girl's feelings throughout, it's time for today's activity. You are going to imagine you are the main character in this video, and create a diary entry if how you are feeling throughout the process of creating the robot. Below is a checklist for the key features of a diary entry, make sure you consider these in your writing. 

Activity 3: Thursday's Big Question

This week's big question aims to help you with tomorrow's activities. Have a think about a simple problem, or task which could be solved or done with a simple invention. It should be something which would make your life easier. Today we don't need to think about the invention, just the problem - the invention will be tomorrow's activity.