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5 Things of the week - 02.07

Our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, colour, shape and number. I am flying solo today because I am school.

Activity 1: Biting with your new fish!

Communication and Language and Expressive Arts and Design


If you are going on a walk today can you sing our rhyme of the week and change the words! For example…

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive,

6,7,8,9,10 then I let it go again,

Why did you let it go?

 Change the final part to one of more of the following …

  • Because it bit a green leaf so.
  • Because it bit a little twig so.
  •  Because it bit a stone so.
  • Because it bit a daisy so.


Have fun exploring outside!


Singing will encourage your child's creativity and also increase their vocabulary.

Activity 2: Big mark making

Communication and Language, Literacy


Any way you can encourage your child to make marks and practice their early writing skills is a bonus!  Try these two ideas to make marks:

  1. Under the table!
  2. Big paper – tape bits of paper together to make a really large piece/ use the back of old wall paper/ flatten boxes.

Leave these out of the floor for your child to explore. You could join in too and draw the different objects the fish was biting on your walk. Your child is likely to want to do the same as you too!