Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Today, I would like you to use your existing Day of the Dead knowledge along with your own research to create a non-chronological report about the Day of the Dead. 


Think carefully about how you set out your work and the words you choose. 


For this task, you can choose your own audience and purpose. It may be that you want to write the text to inform younger children in school or you may wish to share your research and understanding with your parents or other adults in school. It's up to you! 





Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Thursday 4th - Percentages of Amounts. There is a video on the website to support your learning. 


If you would like further practice after watching the lesson, BBC Bitesize have worksheets to use. 

They can be accessed here:



Today, I would like you to follow a recipe for a traditional Mexican dish served at Day of the Dead celebrations. If you do not have the ingredients, don't worry, could you create your own dish to serve at the party and write your own instructions to accompany?