Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1: Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Click here, watch the video and read and follow the steps which will help with subtracting mixed numbers. Remember, a mixed number is when a whole number and fraction are written together. Once you have read and follwed the steps, complete the activities below on paper or in an exercise book. 

Activity 2: Beginning Our Non-Chronological Reports

Today, you are going to write the first two paragraphs of your non-chronological report that you planned yesterday. Looking back at your plan, you'll see that the first two paragraphs are the introduction and the first sub-headed paragraph. Below you will see a checklist of key features which should be included in your report. There is also a word mat with useful, technical vocabulary which you may want to include.

Activity 3: Thursday's Big Question

This week's big question will require you to do some independent research into a natural disaster that usually happens in snowy places!