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This week we are learning all about being healthy. Remember that when food is sweet and yummy it doesn’t always mean that it is healthy for you. What would happen if you only ate sweets, crisps and pizza? It is OK to eat a little bit of junk food (unhealthy food) sometimes, but when we eat a lot of junk:

• We have less energy and feel tired
• We can’t run as fast
• We feel more grumpy
• We get sick more often


Watch out for a junk food fever!

Junk Food

Activity 1

Physical Development


Fill in a shopping trolley with healthy food. You can use magazines from supermarkets, the attached worksheet or draw your own food.

Activity 2

Expressive Arts and Design


Draw your favourite lunch.


5 Things of the week - 21.05

Join Mrs Wilkes, Isaac (age 5) and Finley (age 3) for our daily dollop of learning a sound, colour, number. language and shape!