Claremont Primary and Nursery School

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Activity 1:


I am setting you all a bit of a challenge today! wink


Those tricky problems - that you love doing as mastery extensions - in class. I have pulled together a variety of time questions for you to try!


1.) Read the problem carefully to check that you know what you are being asked to do!

2.) Show any working out that you do.

3.) Explain your ideas fully in the gap below. Remember...I always ask you 'why'


Activity 2:


Here is a list of predators in the rainforest, pick one to research today or you can use the fact file of the Jaguar attached below.


  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Big snakes
  • Jaguar
  • Harpy eagle


If searching the internet, don’t forget to add kids to the end.

Eg Jaguar facts for kids.


Choose 3 areas of your animal to research. For example; diet, habitat and appearance. Don’t forget some extra facts for your ‘did you knows’


Activity 3


It's time to learn all about the different climate zones on our planet and how they help to shape the Biomes which our Predators (and their prey) live in.


Start by watching the video below:


Now it's time to look at how the climate zones are distributed throughout our globe by colouring your very own climate zone map.


You could try and do this in Word by using the drawing tools or by printing it off. You could even try drawing your own version of a 2D Earth and colouring that!


Remember to send me your fabulous, colourful climate zone maps mail