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The sound today is 'c', as in ice. Grab your white boards and get ready!



It's time to write the middle of your story today! Use your plan from Tuesday to remind yourself what will happen, and any particular words you wanted to use.

You need to write about the plot today. Try to make your story exciting, or funny or scary! Make sure 'something' happens that will make the reader want to carry on reading your story. Use interesting words that will keep us reading. You could even write them in an interesting way like we did in school. You could write these words in a special shape, or in big letters or in CAPITAL LETTERS or bold letters. Don't forget about using a variety of punctuation such as exclamation marks and question marks too.

We can't wait to read your amazing work!


Today we are going to carry on with counting in coins. Watch a video and complete the activity.

Counting in coins worksheet

Thursday Maths challenge


Today in handwriting you are going to practice writing some of the High Frequency Words. Take your time and try your best!