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The Ancient Egyptians

Use these links to see some great videos of Ancient Egypt.

At the start of our new school year, we had an amazing trip to the British Museum in Birmingham where we learned about the Ancient Egyptians AND got to practice some of their customs.  This included drawing and writing on rough  papyrus paper using coloured inks and looking at pictures from Egyptian times. The most exciting activity was learning about the mummification process where we managed to pull different organs out of a mummy (a pretend one of course) and learn how to wrap the bandages round the body. We now know what internal organs went in each of the four canopic jars and why the Egyptians did this as they prepared for the afterlife.  We also know about Egyptian Gods. They didn't think that the brain was an important organ at all and used to break it up, during the mummification process!


Since our return we have been making our own jars out of clay, reading several stories about Egypt including Riddle of the Nile, Ahmed's story and I was there - a story about Tutankhamun's tomb. This has all been helping us with our story language in English and our Topic work.

Birmingham Museum