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The digestive system

We found out about the digestive system using water, crackers, orange juice, a banana and an old pair of tights!

It made a mess, but now we know how nutrients are transported around our body.

Our visit to the University of Nottingham

We visited the University of Nottingham to find out what it is like to go to university. We spent some time finding out about the history of lace in Nottingham. We had a go at making our own lace patterns and printing. Then we were shown around the campus. Finally, we made our way back to school on a very crowded tram! We were all exhausted!

Lace art

Out and about on the campus

First Aid Training
As part of our Science work on the cardiovascular system, we were taught by St John Ambulance. We learnt how to keep someone's heart going if it had stopped. This is called Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.