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School Counselling

We believe that happy children learn best.


Many children have worries which play on their mind - sometimes affecting their behaviour; sometimes keeping them awake at night; or, simply just filling their mind so there doesn't seem to be any space left!

Many children and young people find it useful to talk to someone - it's a good way of "unloading" their thoughts. Also, I can sometimes help the children work out how they can cope with difficult circumstances (which are probably out of their control).


Children can ask to come and have a chat; teachers sometimes refer children they have concerns about; or, parents and carers can ask me to meet with their child.

If a child has a worry and would like to talk, they can fill in a request slip and post it in the "Worry box".

Children, parents or carers can also get in touch using the email address:


Let's hope that all Claremont children know that talking is helpful and know how to get that help!


Mrs Smailes [Pupil Welfare Officer]

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