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Safety Alert


Please find below a Nottinghamshire Police alert with regard to the new release of Pokemon Go smart phone app.


“West Yorkshire Police has issued warnings to Pokémon Go players, to keep them safe while playing the game.

Since its release in the UK last week, the mobile phone game has become a global sensation. But there are concerns about users’ safety following reports of people walking into vehicles and being led down alleyways late at night. Now the county’s police force has released a list of things avid gamers can do to keep themselves safe while playing on the mobile phone app. Police have told people not to make themselves easy targets, by avoiding having their phone out while in busy or unlit areas, which could make them a target for thieves.

It also warned gamers to be aware of their surroundings to avoid risks or dangers, especially around roads.

Gamers have also been told not to trespass on private property while hunting for Pokémon.”


We have also included a link to the NSPCC Advice for parents



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