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Pogglydoo's Adventures!

The Amazing adventures of Pogglydoo in a faraway land!

(Aka the Zaffron family house)


One Monday morning, Pogglydoo woke up and had a big yawn and a stretch. He had been asleep for a whole week! Had his friends forgotten to wake him? He looked down from his shelf, there were no children counting bagels... "Hmm, I must have missed group time" He said to himself. So he peeked across to the big carpet. No Mrs Wilkes singing, no story from Mrs Szwej, no things of the week from Mrs O'Brien. Where could everybody be?


So the little monkey hopped off his shelf and explored nursery. "Let's see if Mrs Khan is painting something beautiful with some children" No Mrs Khan! He ran outside, but there were no children or teachers anywhere! Pogglydoo felt sad for a minute and then he had a brilliant idea!


He packed up his bags and a snack for the journey and went off on an exciting expedition! (That means a big trip)

Pogglydoo walked for a while, until he reached a house where he heard a familar voice through the window. He knocked on the door...

"Mummy, there's a monkey at the door!"

"That's not just any monkey, that's Pogglydoooo!" Said Mrs Zaffron, so happy to see her friend.


So Pogglydoo came in and washed his hands for TWENTY SECONDS...


Then he started having some fun....

He had a fun makeover


Before going for a drive with some new friends


Then he helped paint a special RAINBOW, which they put in the window to hopefully make people smile.

That evening Pogglydoo read lots of books


And that night, he slept very well!


In the morning he didn't want to wake up! Shall we use our robot voices?




That morning, Pogglydoo had a wash


When he was dry, he came back in and did some fun making... and tidying up!

Great job Pogglydoo. It's really important to help tidy up after ourselves.

After a walk around the block, Pogglydoo had time for a magic carpet ride with a princess!


Keep checking back to see what our cheeky friend gets up to next. If you have any ideas about what you would like Pogglydoo to do, you can ask your grown ups to send an email to:

We would also love to see what you've been up to while we're off school.


Have FUN, stay SAFE and stay HOME!