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Our Curriculum

In SCIENCE we are learning all about different types of sound, how they are made and how they travel.

We have conducted some experiments to establish that sounds are made when an object is vibrating.

The vibrations travel through the air as sound waves and enter our ears.

We have also discovered that sound waves must have a medium to travel through. Sound actually travels  faster through water and a solid than air.

However, sound cannot travel trough a vacuum.

This term our topic is 


We will learn all about how and why the Angles,Saxons and Jutes attacked Britain.In addition,we will research how they lived when they settled in Britain.

And of course , we will learn about the legendary King Arthur

Following this, we will learn about Viking warriors and their fight for land.


Now check out our Spectacular start - An Anglo-Saxon Boat challenge. 

It all started from a pile of cardboard.