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Monday Maths

Monday's Challenge:

3D Shape Hunt

3D Shape Hunt 1
Can you find some 3D shapes in your home? I looked in my cupboards and found cuboids and cylinders. I wonder if any of you can find a sphere, pyramid or cube. Can you describe a 3D shape to a member of your family and ask them to guess what shape it is.
For instance "This shape has no vertices, it has 3 faces, 2 faces are circular and one face goes all the way around. This shape looks like a tin of baked beans!"
Send us a picture of the 3D shapes you find and we can put them on the website for everyone to see! 

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic 1
Can you invite some of your toys to have a picnic? You'll need to count your toys or teddies to see how many cups, plates and spoons you'll need. We don't want any teddies left without a drink or food at the picnic! Do you need more of something? How many more? Do you need fewer cups? How many will you need to put away?

We'd love to see photos of your picnic, if you email them to me I can post them here on our website. Send them to: 
Please note!!!

By sending us photos/pictures/videos of work or of your child you give us consent to put these on to the website. We will also be pairing this with a well done message containing your child's first name. If you do not wish for this to be put on the website please make this clear in your email or message to us. 
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