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Monday 8th June

You can do the following tasks in any order. They will stay here for a long time, so even if you can't do it on the day, you can come back later when you have more time.

Subject Task



Watch my YouTube video about how to write the Setting for a story.

Then have a go at writing your own Setting. You can use my ideas or make up your own.


Watch the YouTube video called "3D Shape - The Cube" and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

Other task


Hello Year 3. 

Today you will complete a science activity related to living things. It was originally a year 4 lesson, but don't worry it is suitable for year 3 too.

You will need to follow the steps below, by clicking on the yellow links that look like this  ......., and you will be taken straight to the videos you need to watch.

There is a follow up activity in the resources section below. 

1. Watch the  Common Characteristics of Living Things video by clicking on this link.The video shows a range of living things.Can you spot some of the characteristics that they all have in common 

2.Click here to watch the second science video to learn more about the common characteristics of living things and how all living things are classified.

3. Have a go at completing some of the follow up activities in the resources section. 

The following tasks are for challenge only, so please don't worry if you don't have time to do them.
Challenge Task Extra Information

Follow the instructions on the challenge card and find the answer.


Good luck!