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Monday 8th June





















Starter Activity 

                                                                        Have a go at answering these 4 questions. Ask a parent to check your answers for you or use a calculator.                                          

Main Activity

In Maths this week, we are going to continue some work on fractions, courtesy of BBC Bitesize. We will learn to compare fractions,add and subtract fractions and then answer some word problems on fractions. We have not covered this work in class yet, so some of this will be new learning for you.

Lesson 1  - Adding Fractions

In this lesson you will,learn how to add two fractions together.

This lesson includes:

  • one video
  • three interactive activities
























Starter Activity

Main Activity

This week Mr Smailes will teach you how to argue.

(I bet some of you are good at that already)

No , seriuosly, he is going to teach you how to write a structured arguement about an issue. Enjoy!

Play the YouTube video called "Monday - Key Features"

And that's your main lesson for today!




Open the text 'The Troy Ploy' in the resources section at least two times.

Then try to answer the questions

Once you have finished, open the Answers document to see how you have done.


  The Daily challenge is an additional activity for you to complete if you have time and wish to do so.
 Daily Challenge                                                  Extra information                                                           


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