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Monday 8th Feb

Subject Task Extra Information
Morning Maths

When you have completed the questions, try to upload them onto your Dojo account so I can see how well you have done.


Good luck!


Narrative - Lesson 11

Click on the image below to access the Oak National Academy lesson:

"Planning a Narrative Climax"

Use your exercise books from your Home Study Packs to record any work you do.


Let us know how you get on.


This week you will need your NEW worksheet and answer booklets

Click here to access the first White Rose Maths lesson.

It is called 11 and 12 times table , make sure you choose the right one!


Answer the questions in the Worksheet booklet . The worksheet has also been posted below so that you can check that you are doing the correct one.

Once you have completed your worksheet to the best of your ability, you may use the answer booklet to mark them.

However, videos showing you how to complete the questions will also be posted on Dojo, in the afternoons.If you are not sure how to answer a question,or get the wrong answers, be sure to watch the videos.They have been made to help your understanding.







Today, we will continue our work on habitats, but we will look at how environmental changes can affect the living things within a habitat.

We will start by looking at natural environmental changes.

Watch this YouTube Video for the main lesson and a quiz.

Click in the icons to go straight to the Rock Pool and Bushfire videos.



Today's tasks are explained within the first video. You will have some quiz questions and a table to draw. 

Complete your work in your writing book please.


Don't forget to send your work into me on Dojo.