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Monday 4th May

Today's Tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order. Follow up activities can be found in the Resources section below. If you complete these, just copy them out into your Home Learning Book or on paper.Sometimes answers are given.Here, please try the tasks first and then check the answers afterwards. REMEMBER we learn from our mistakes - having a go is most important.

If you click on any yellow box, it will take you directly to a lesson link.
          Watch BBC Daily on iPlayer- we are on week 3,lesson 1.

Starter Activity                                                                                                              Continue the sequences below. Remember to work out 'the rule 'first, before trying to complete the questions .

1)  7, 14, _ , _ , 35 , _ , _ , 56

2)  _ , 8, 12, 16, _ , _, _ ,32

3)  _, _ , 18, 24, 30, 36, _ , _ ,_ 

Ask an adult to check your answers. You can also contact me on Dojo or send me an email.  

Main Activity  

Co-ordinates and drawing the missing sides of a polygon

Watch the YouTube Video to recap on co-ordinates and learn how to identify the missing co-ordinates of a polygon. (You will need a pencil and a piece of paper)

Then complete the follow up activity in the resources section.

Sheet 1 is for everyone.

Sheet 2 is an extention sheet if you would like to complete it.


Starter Activity      

Skills Builder Activity 1

From the list, click on Activity 1                                                   


Remember to press 'Hide List ' to see the whole activity.



Extra information

This week we will start our English lessons with some skills builder activities.

There are 5 quick questions for you to answer on line, and then you can check your answers.

If you use a laptop you may need to reduce your screen size to 90% to check your answers.

This is easily done by pressing the settings cog in the top right hand corner of your screen.


Main Activity

Watch the YouTube video about using main clauses first in a sentence.

You will need a pen or pencil and some    paper to do the examples.

This week,our English lessons are courtesy

of Mr Smailes. The lessons teach you how to enhance the structure of your sentences,within your longer pieces of writing.


























Start today's lesson by watching this lovely clip of animals and plants living in their natural environment.

Click here to watch the video.



Now watch this  YouTube video  by Mrs Smailes, to learn about different habitats and to find out today's creative task.

(Only watch up to 6.20 mins and complete the year 2,3 and 4 task)

An extra project for the week.

In addition to the activity given in the video, you may want to create a model of a habitat for an animal of your choice.

Use the internet to research your ideas and think carefully about where the animal lives, what it will eat and the conditions it will need for repoduction.


Here are some lovely video links that may help

you with the extra  activity.


Animals that live on cold mountains


Where do different owls live?


Water Vole Habitats


Woodland, pond and ditch habitats



Don't forget to send me pictures of your amazing creations


  The Daily challenge is an additional activity for you to complete if you have time and wish to do so.
 Daily Challenge                                                  Extra information                                                           


If you can solve the problem, email me with the answer. My email address is on the 4SE homepage.


Or you could click here to go to the Ask Mrs Eadon page and fill in the contact form.