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Monday 27th April

  Today's Tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order. Follow up activities can be found in the Resources section below. If you complete these, just copy them out into your Home Learning Book or on paper.Sometimes answers are given.Here, please try the tasks first and then check the answers afterwards. REMEMBER we learn from our mistakes - having a go is most important.

If you click on any yellow box, it will take you directly to a lesson link.


Watch BBC Daily on iPlayer 


This week in maths, we will move on to looking at co-ordinates and translations.

The Oak National Academy has provided a range of lessons which will teach you everything you need to know.(They are year 5 lessons but you are all clever enough to complete them) For each lesson,write the answers to any questions on paper or in your Home Learning Book.

An introduction to Translation:

Click here to start the lesson(The lesson starts with a quiz to check what you know already)   

Use the Next Activity and Last Activity buttons on the bottom right  to move backwards and forwards.  



SPAG starter - Watch this BBC Bitesize lesson on prepositions and try out activity 1.

Open the document at the bottom of the page called "The Truth about Trolls."

Read it carefully and try to remember as much as you can. We will be referring to this information for the rest of the week. 

Answer the questions on paper, in your exercise book or in spare pages of your Home Learning Exercise Book.




Watch the lesson - How to use a Classification Key (Click on the yellow block)

There are three,fun follow up actitivities to complete once you have watched the video.

Remember, please don't worry if you don't have  a printer, just copy the keys onto paper and answer the questions as best as you can.



The Truth About Trolls - main reading

The Daily challenge is an additional activity for you to complete if you have time and wish to do so.

 Daily Challenge                                                  Extra information                                                           


 If you can solve the problem, email me with the answer. My email address is on the 4SE homepage.


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Click on the icon for a range of additional lessons.