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It's another week of fun activities for you. It is the last week before the break, but I can tell you it is a busy one as well. We have planned lots of exciting activities for you so don't forget to send us your work on dojo! We cannot wait to see it all!



Today you will learn about another split digraph. It is a difficult one because it can make 2 different sounds. You can find it in words like: rude, June and also in words like: cute or use.

Can you spot a split digraph?

Can you hear the difference in sounds it makes in these words?


Watch a video to learn about u-e.



This week our English lessons are going to be based on 'The Tiger who came to tea' story.

We are going to talk about main characters and a setting of the story. 

Click on the picture to help you understand what a setting and characters are.


Characters and setting

Now watch and listen to the story and then complete the activity.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Author: Judith Kerr
The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it be?


In Maths we will carry on with subtraction and will try to find the difference between 2 numbers.

When you finish watching a video we would like you to write your own subtraction word problem!

Are you ready? 

Maths worksheet


In Topic lesson we would like you to think about tiger food.

  • What do tigers eat?
  • What would you buy to feed a tiger?
  • Would it be a bar of chocolate, fish (my daughter said a tiger would like some fish because it is a cat), meat, crisps or maybe some milk?

Have a  think and write a shopping list for tiger food. When you finish you can design your own tin of tiger food.