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Today, you will read the next two chapters of Holes. After you have read the text, have a go at answering the comprehension questions below.  If the question relates to chapter 21, leave it and we can fill it in next week.


Holes chapters 19-20

This is an audiobook of Holes chapters 19-20, a novel by Louis Sachar. Chapter 20 begins at 6:38.



Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Monday 8th - Lesson 1 - Find a rule




This week we will be learning about the downfall of the Mayan civilisation and the possible reasons that may have caused it.  


Here are 4 powerpoints that go through the 3 main reasons historians think the Mayan civilisation could have died out.  What do you think?  


Look at the powerpoints and write some sentences that could explain the main reasons we think the Mayans could have died out as a civilisation.