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5 Things of the week - 01.06

Join Mrs Wilkes and Finley (age 3) for our daily dollop of learning a language, sound, colour, number and shape.

Activity 1 Listen to the story The Very Busy Spider

Literacy, Communication and Language


Our story this week is The Very Busy Spider.

After you have listened to the story can you answer these questions?

Which animals were in the story?

Why was the spider busy?

How did the spider catch the fly?

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Activity 2 Sing Incy Wincy Spider

Literacy, Communication and Language, Expressive Arts and Design


Our nursery rhyme this week is Incy Wincy Spider.


Can you sing the song together? Did you notice that incy and wincy have the same sounds at the end? That means they rhyme! Just like spout and out!

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