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Today, we are going to find out what happens on Stanley's desert adventure. I do hope you are enjoying it. Mrs Young has been reading along with her children. I hear they're loving it! Please read the next few chapters and answer the comprehension questions below. 

Holes Ch 10

recorded by Dawn Wiedeman with PDF on screen

Holes Ch 11

recorded by Dawn Wiedeman with a PDF on screen

Holes Ch 12

recorded by Dawn Wiedeman with PDF on the screen



Complete the White Rose maths lesson for Monday 11th - Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers by Integers. There is a video on the website to support your learning. 


If you would like further practice after watching the lesson, BBC Bitesize have worksheets to use. 

They can be accessed here:



Today's topic lesson is slightly different. We are going to have a PSHE focus today to give some time to think about your secondary school transition. I have been talking to some of your schools for the past week. I have enjoyed sharing what makes you all so brilliant! 


Follow this link:


There you will find information about the differences between primary and secondary schools. 


After you have watched the video, make a checklist of anything you think you will need for a school day. Then, write some questions to ask your new teachers. I know they can't wait to meet you!