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Activity 1:


Let's get back to thinking about time and in particular over the next few days how to tell the difference between two times. We call this a time duration.

I like to use a number line to help me work our durations but the tricky bit to remember is …


 enlightened YOU ONLY JUMP TO THE NUMBER 60 (as every 60 minutes we convert to 1 hour)  enlightened


Start by watching the explanation below as many times as you need to.

1) First try the expected questions on the Fluency task. If these prove too tricky, try the developing instead. Or, if they prove too easy, try the greater depth.

2) Now that you've got this skill, try some of the problems from the problem solving task yes

(Remember the answers included at the end are to allow your adults to assess how well you have done. No peaking please!)

Activity 2:


Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at non-chronological reports!

By the end of the 2 weeks, you will have created your own non-chronological report or informative video on predators of the rainforests.


Your task today is to gather information through reading comprehension. Read the text on rainforests and answer the questions. Please answer in FULL sentences with part of the question in, as these facts could be used for your final piece!


- There are 3 pages of questions to these reading comprehension. For this task, I would like you to finish the first 2 pages of questions, but feel free to do all three if you would like!

Activity 3:


It's time to learn all about the different habitats on our planet and how they create the perfect places for our Predators (and their prey) to live!


Please use the link below to:

1.) Watch the video

2.) Read the information

3.) Look through the photographs of different biomes

4.) Play the little matching game at the end

Now it's time to look at how the biomes are distributed throughout our globe by colouring your very own Biome map.


You could try and do this in Word by using the drawing tools or by printing it off. You could even try drawing your own version of a 2D Earth and colouring that!


Remember to send me your fabulous, colourful Biome maps mail

Colour the Biomes