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This week we are going to be looking at the digraphs we already know in longer words.


Lesson 7 - Year 1


This week we are beginning a new unit focussing on the story 'The Bumblebear' by Nadia Shireen.

Please watch the video of the story until the part when Norman has 'quite an AMAZING and BRILLIANT idea.'

Then pause and think about what you think the idea might be. How could Norman get as much honey as he liked?

Write your prediction down using good sentences, and send it to us on Dojo. You don't need any special paper, just use what you have at home. We can't wait to see if any of you are right!

Once you have written your prediction, you can watch the rest of the story and see if you were right.

Bumblebear | Read by Nadia Shireen | Time For Stories | 5 Minute Full Read

There's a new bee at Bee School. But that bee is not a bee... It's a BEAR! Cheeky, sneaky Norman has a cunning plot to trick the bees and steal their honey. ...


This week in maths we are learning all about time. We would like you to watch a video and follow the instructions.



Can you read the time? Be careful! The last one is tricky!

What time is it?


We are very lucky this week! The author of the book we are studying is also an illustrator. Her name is Nadia Shireen and she has made a video of herself drawing Norman the Bumblebear. Can you follow along while she draws, making your own drawing of the Bumblebear? Nadia uses coloured pencils, but you can use whatever you have at home, crayons, writing pencils, even chalk or writing pencils. Pause the video as needed in order to keep up with her instructions. (The drawing starts at 6.20)

We are so excited to see your pieces of art!!!

Puffin Storytime | The Bumblebear | Nadia Shireen